Our Mission Statement
"To provide creative and simple communications solutions to global partners; and satisfy the needs and expectations of partners and clients with legacy equipment connectivity and seamless protocol conversion technology".

Our Competitive Advantage
As technology rapidly evolves, there is a greater demand for a company like Braintree to provide the link between legacy terminals and modern carrier networks. As new networks such as wireless and broadband evolve the importance of protocol conversion technology grows.

Braintree's key competitive differentiators include our experience in protocol conversion and our ability to cost-effectively and quickly develop customised and flexible solutions.

Our advantage is in our ability to address your needs with an innovative and reliable solution designed to meet your unique requirements. This is our unique personal approach that differentiates us from competitors.

Our Objectives
Our aim is to remain a market leader in protocol conversion technology. To achieve this goal our values are customer-oriented and technology-driven.

We design cutting-edge and reliable solutions that are customised to our client's specific requirements. Our interest in our client's requirements drives Braintree to remain a market leader.

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