Peter Mason - Executive Director and Founder

Prior to co-founding Braintree Communications in 1990, Mr Peter Mason had extensive experience with a wide range of financial and communications systems. These included IBM, Tandem, EFTPOS, ATM, transaction banking, and telecommunications with Telstra. As a Communications Engineer he was heavily involved in putting the first Australian bank onto the original EFT network, called Tran$end.

Mr Mason has 18 years experience in the communications industry, including network analysis, banking terminals, project management, software development, and automatic data transfer of VISA II information with State Banks, message transaction security, and secure PIN Pad keyloading programs.

His breadth of technical experience in Short Duration Transaction Networks with banking, airlines and communications has provided Braintree with a high level credibility in Australian telecommunications industry. Mr Mason's qualifications include Bachelor Engineering (Communications) and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


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