22 May 1995

QLD top site to vie for Asia-Pacific markets - The Queensland Courier Mail

Queensland’s small businesses are in a unique position – geographically, structurally and economically – to capitalise on the dynamic markets of Asia-Pacific.

Improved technologies, most notably in communications, have helped open up these markets to smaller firms, which have the advantage of being more flexible than large corporations and can adapt to meet the needs of their customers.

The key to unlocking these potentially lucrative export doors is a planned approach incorporating thorough market research and product development with cost-effective networking.

Small businesses with aspirations of high growth are typically export-orientated, according to the latest Yellow Pages Australia Small Business Index. They are more likely to make use of government assistance programs and are substantially more sophisticated in the use of business planning tools and computerisation.

Braintree Communications, a small Brisbane-based enterprise utilising technology developed in banking to service the travel industry, fits this profile well.

It is poised to expand into Asia-Pacific and United States markets.

Under the direction of former ANZ Bank communications consultants, Peter Mason and Colin Stevenson, the business can provide travel agency groups with a hardware and software package to “value-add” travel reservations.

A pilot is under way with one major travel group.

The service is based on Braintree’s BTX card, which allows members of a travel group (or between groups with bilateral agreements) to communicate to one or more other sites with email, while simultaneously making reservations.

The BTX uses the X.25 data network, incorporating airline protocols and the Internets IP protocol, enabling access to carriers and agencies worldwide.

The opportunity to develop this new reservation communication product was identified during the director’s work with the BTX in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and electronic bill payment.

With Mr Stevenson based on Hong Kong and seeking markets in Asia and New York SITA certification imminent, Braintree Communications is set to broaden its products range and expand into Export markets.

* David Eagle is Queensland Small Business Corporation general manager.


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