2 July 2001

Fewer Lines - Inside Retailing Magazine

Telstra and Braintree Communications, a Queensland-based systems specialist, have combined to develop a system to reduce the number of telephone lines a business needs to operate.

Phillip Boyle, Braintree Marketing Coordinator, said the Argent system could replace multiple business telephone lines with one high speed ISDN link.

This system was simultaneously controlling POS equipment through one “always on” channel, as well as telephones, faxes and Internet applications.

Some of the advantages of the Argent system included reduced cabling costs because one ISDN cable costs less to install then two conventional lines.

“Some retailers told us that they had eight lines and that it was costing them a packet,” he said.

“But they were amazed that one ISDN line could replace all of these other lines and take care of all their business operations”.

Mr Boyle said that the ISDN system offered greater reliability and security to business and less downtime than conventional lines.

Information about ISDN connections and the Argent system is available from Telstra and its network of Business Shops.


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