3 August 2001

Company goes offshore in search for partners - Business Queensland

A small Brisbane communications company is looking overseas for partners to add to its impressive list of large Australian clients.

Braintree Communications specialises in Short Duration Transactions Networks (SDTN) such as EFTPOS, airline reservations systems, security systems, defence and financial services.

Clients include Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson, ANZ, Japan Airlines and Jetset.

Braintree’s chief operating officer Peter Hall said the company’s success with multi-national companies within Australian had given it the platform to implement the next stages of its business plan.

“We see significant opportunities for the application of our current technology in strategic international market,” Mr Hall said.

He said the UK was being researched as the first overseas market for Braintree’s products, providing a stepping-stone into Europe.

“We have to do careful research because the customers we are targeting are large organisations which take time to make decisions, and the decision they make have implications on the whole organisation,” Mr Hall said.

“We are trying to learn a great deal more about the market over there. It’s a matter of who controls the point of sale networks, whether they are bank controlled, or telco controlled or controlled by a third party.

“We think we’ll be in Europe within the next 18 months, providing we can get a toe-hold in the UK”.

Mr Hall said Braintree was also “actively pursuing” inquiries for its products from a Canadian company.

He said that he was optimistic about the huge potential of overseas markets.

“We are sole suppliers of intelligent terminal adaptors in Australia and I do not know of any competitors overseas.

“As far as we know, no-one else has the combination of features that we have in one device”.

Braintree’s intelligent terminal adaptor was designed for the Telstra ISDN Argent Network. The products success has prompted the company to look into future application potential in GPRS (mobile data service) and ADSL (broader bandwidth) networks.

“The adaptor integrates a number of business communication operations into a single ISDN line.

“Adopting other networks should satisfy an identified market for this particular product in a number of international markets.”

The South Brisbane-based company, which has 11 staff plus subcontractors, was started by Peter Mason (now chief technical officer) as a one-man business more than 10 years ago.

Braintree turns over less than $2 million a year, however Mr Hall expects this to grow to nearly $6 million in 18 months.

“We will be very busy over the next 12-18 months implementing the next stages of our business plan by marketing our products and expertise to international markets.

“We also have a few new innovative products on the drawing board which should maintain our growth,” he said.


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