6 October 2001

Top 10 win a European tour - The Australian IT

Ten up-and-coming Australian IT companies will go to Europe next month after winning an Austrade-sponsored national competition.

Selected from a field of 100 entrants, the winners will spend 10 days visit London, Frankfurt and Stockholm to study emerging technical trends and develop contacts with venture capitalists and industry experts.

The competition was supported by analysis software supplied Nextec and Sun Microsystems.

Sun Australia managing director Jim Hassell said the winners had been selected for the quality of their ideas and business operations.

“The Competition is designed to assist some of the best young companies that Australia has developed, “he said.

Mr Hassell said the European tour would focus on wireless technologies and include visits to Sun partners such as Ericsson.

The winning companies in the Austrade Euro High Tech Tour Competition were:

Braintree Communications – a Queensland –based developer of telecommunications products.

Catalysts Interactive – an ACT-based developer of e-learning and authoring tools.

Emagine International –a NSW-based developer of WAP and SMS-based customer loyalty programs.

Foursticks - a South Australian developer of technology that allows servers to control network costs through efficient use of bandwidth.

Future Fibre Technologies – A Victorian developer of fibre –optic sensing system.

Haliplex – a Victorian developer of optical access devices.

Mediaware Solutions –an ACT-based developer of technology that allows searching, editing and broadcasting of video material.

Retriever Communications –a NSW-based developer of wireless technology for field worker automation.

Sigtec Navigation – an ACT- based developer of global positioning satellite system circuit boards.

Soprano Design – a NSW – based developer of software aimed at mobile network operators


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