16 October 2001

Bigger Things Beckon - The Age

The ten firms named to take part in the Australian Trade Commission tour of Europe next month are:

Braintree Communications (South Brisbane; Queensland): Designs and develops telecommunications products including intelligent gateways that integrate customer premises equipment on to the one carrier line and communication protocol converters that connect legacy equipment to IP networks.

Catalyst Interactive (Fyshwick; ACT): E-learning customer development and authoring tools maker that delivers content via browser or personal digital-assistants.

Emagine International (Eveleigh; NSW): Developer of consulting service and retention benchmarking studies used in customer retention and loyalty marketing for mobile operators. Solutions include Internet, wireless application protocol and short messaging service interfaces.

Foursticks (Frewville; SA): Develops quality-of-service operating systems (QoSOS) software used to control network cost and performance through bandwidth efficiencies.

Future Fibre Technologies (Rowville; Victoria): Develops fibre-optic sensing technologies for the sensing and security industries.

Halipex (Croydon; Victoria): Design and makes optical access devices for telecommunications carriers that are used to connect customers to the fibre-optic backbone.

Mediaware Solutions (Dickson; ACT): Develops software that allows clients from home users to government defence groups to search, edit and publish video content for broadcast, defence surveillance, WAP or Internet.

Retriever Communications (Frenchs Forest; NSW): Developer of a data solution that allows mobile workers to retrieve information from their office system or call centre and send their electronic paperwork over a mobile network.

Sigtec Communications (Fyshwick; ACT): Designs and supplies global positioning system OEM boards and development systems, including firmware that sues GPS inside buildings.

Soprano Design (North Sydney; NSW): Markets turn-key software solutions that allow the delivery of personalised information and transaction-based services to mass-market wireless devices.


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