February 2002

ISDN network replaces outdated legacy network - What's New In Communications

Telstra’s original Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) network – Tran$end - needed to be upgraded as the legacy network had become outdated. The Tran$end network had a variety of different terminals which meant that a large number of different protocols had to be supported, which only added to the difficulties in maintaining this network.

Telstra decided to migrate to an ISDN network to create a high-speed efficient network that could be more cost effectively managed. ISDN capabilities also supported a variety of communication methods other than EFT transactions including Internet and telephony.

Braintree Communications successfully tendered for the supply of the complex protocol converters. Braintree’s solution also integrated a variety of communication methods that could see ISDN be used not only for EFT transactions but also Internet and telephony. The solution proved to be the integrated communications network device that would simplify and centralise Telstra’s network, making the network more manageable and cost effective.

The product used for Telstra’s network is an Intelligent ISDN BRI (basic rate interface) Gateway called the Argent Terminal Adaptor. The development time from specification to demonstration was around nine weeks. Since its original application for Telstra, this gateway has facilitated much more than standard EFT transactions, Internet and telephony, including security, gaming and networking applications.

The ISDN gateway allows Telstra to remotely manage the entire network from a central location. This enables simple deployment of network upgrades and also provides an extended lifecycle of the device.


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