Autumn/Winter 2002

Tight schedules a major requirement for Australian Defence Force solution - Damovo Australia – “More…” Magazine

The Australian Defence Force decided to modernise it legacy high frequency radio communications systems and adopt an integrated system for all three services, Army, Navy and Air Force.

The timing of the project was critical, with completion of the project’s first phase to occur just three months from signing the contract.

Following several months of contract negotiation and preliminary concept design activities, the High Frequency Modernisation (HFMod) project’s prime contractor, Boeing Australia Limited, enlisted Damovo to implement a $10 million voice and data switching platform supporting interfaces to both public and private speech networks, voice and data encryption equipment, radio operators and remote radio transmitter and radio receiver sites.

The system required a national upgrade of the MD110 to BC11 with DNA software in twenty-three sites, and will enable Australian Defence Force personnel to communicate rapidly and securely with ships, aircraft and other remote locations using fully encrypted data and voice.

In order to meet the various deadlines, it was necessary to undertake rapid mobilisation of the project team to finalise the design and begin the procurement process, so Damovo set up a hardware design and system integration facility in Brisbane, while software development took place in Melbourne.

Damovo integrated best of breed technologies for the project, and the result is a flexible, fully integrated solution capable of meeting a diverse range of requirements.

Boeing Australia Limited said the project’s achievements are remarkable given its scope, technical requirements and aggressive timeframe.

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