June 2002

Voice and Data Integration - Voice and Data Magazine

An intelligent communication gateway, targeted at the SME and telecommunications industries, allows a business to integrate its entire voice and data communication requirements into a single carrier line.

The solution is claimed to provide benefits to carriers, service providers and end users at it allows existing infrastructure to continue to be used with new network platforms such as IP.

The gateway device not only allows PCs with Internet access, and a telephone and fax system to connect to a single line, but also consolidates EFTPOS terminals and security monitoring equipment to a single connection.

The device helps business extend its product lifecycles by providing the protocol conversion necessary to allow legacy equipment to communicate with new network platforms.

It also benefits the carrier as it facilitates user migration to modern, more manageable networks. The service provider, such as banks, can access new market segments.

The Gateway enables remote management and provides fully automated installation and configuration. The device will indicate if a connection can be made and any network faults are displayed.



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