September 2002

Braintree’s world-first technology to exploit export opportunities - Australian Trade Magazine

Braintree Communications, a leading data communications solutions developer, has designed and developed a unique integrated network solution called the Enhanced Network Gateway.

The unique gateway enables SMEs to integrate their entire voice and data network onto a single network connection.

Braintree’s Enhanced Network Gateway provides SMEs with a flexible and scalable integrated network solution. The gateway offers EFTPOS, Ethernet, telephony, security, USB, serial, internal modem, LAN and WAN connectivity to a single communications line replacing the need for individual lines for each communication. The gateway also has an interchangeable hardware module that allows SMEs to customise the gateway to their particular network environment.

“It is common for a retailers communications network to consist of 2, 3 or even more phone and data lines to their business. Add to this one leased or dial-up line for financial transactions and the costs for renting all these lines are quite considerable for the retailer“ says Chief Executive Officer for Braintree Communications, Peter Hall.

Braintree designed and developed an ISDN gateway for Australia’s largest carrier Telstra Corporation back in 1998. Since its release Telstra’s retail business users have reported

significant reductions in EFT transaction time, i

mproved efficiency of EFT equipment, consequential cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

“Our latest generation gateway offers retailer’s significantly more features than they currently experience. This is a world-first integrated solution that has the Telco and retailing industries enthusiastic about its capabilities in servicing all their voice and data communications needs,” says Mr Hall.

“The Gateway is an intelligent protocol conversion device that allows legacy communications equipment to connect immediately and seamlessly to modern IP networks,” Peter said. “This is very important to the SME and retailing markets who can not afford the huge capital expense of updating all their communications equipment to gain access to the benefits of modern IP networks”.

Braintree is currently sourcing strategic partners both nationally and internationally increasing the Enhanced Gateway’s exposure. Telstra Corporation has already placed an order for the Enhanced Gateway and Braintree has also identified and begun discussions with some of Europe’s largest telecommunications carriers.

“The European market holds significant opportunities for the Braintree Technology as this market is amongst the largest in the world in regards to consumption. In particular we are targeting the UK as their telecommunications infrastructure is very similar to that of Australia’s but on a much larger scale,” Mr Hall said.

Braintree aims to access export markets through strategic partnering in each region. The use of partners in overseas markets is a proven method for the rapid deployment of products into evolving market sectors. The target partners will use the Braintree Technology as a key catalyst to give themselves access to new sectors in their local market. The partner provides all the ‘in market’ presence while Braintree gets rapid access to large markets with minimal capital expense. Importantly, Braintree is not seen as a threat but an enabler to give partners unique access to their own home markets.


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