18 February 2003

Braintree Targets European Growth - The Australian IT

QUEENSLAND company Braintree Communications expects to shortly lock in a number of international partnerships, including one with British Telecom, to capitalise on Europe's vast ISDN coverage.

Braintree chief executive Peter Hall said the data communications company hoped to replicate its local work with customers such as Telstra in Europe.

Braintree technology powers Telstra's small business ISDN eftpos package. It allows customers to migrate their entire communications network, including PCs with internet, telephony, security, eftpos and other financial transaction equipment to a single ISDN line.

The company's technology also allows legacy communications equipment to connect immediately and seamlessly to modern IP networks using intelligent protocol conversion.

Mr Hall said European markets were currently more attractive than Asia, which had little ISDN infrastructure.

"The market in Europe is enormous," Mr Hall said. "ISDN coverage in the UK is huge mainly because their normal telephones are of marginal quality. ISDN is seen as better quality and more reliable for point of sale transactions."

Mr Hall said the UK was the best entry point for the company's technology because the market had a similar telecommunications infrastructure to Australia. "We will be releasing in about three months a GPRS product and an ADSL product, which will be much more applicable to Asian markets."

Next month he will join a trade partner mission organised by Trade Partners UK, the British equivalent of Austrade, in the UK and Germany.

Braintree will be one of 12 Australian and two New Zealand companies at the 17-day mission, which will include a visit to CeBIT, the world's largest ICT exhibition, in Hannover, Germany.

Mr Hall said the company, which had a turnover of less than $2 million, was expected to double its growth in the next few years with sales from Europe.

"We will be making sales into the UK in the next financial year," he said. "We also have some opportunities in Germany and are in discussions with potential partners with connections to Deutsche Telekom."

Braintree recently won three national IT awards and was awarded a $455,000 R&D Start grant to further develop its technology.



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