22 February 2003

Tough Decisions - QLD Courier Mail

With e-mail and the Internet creating a major shift in internal and external business communications, management decisions need to be closer to the real time, according to chief executive officer for Braintree Communications, Peter Hall.

Mr Hall said the gradual revolution toward common standards such as Internet Protocol had resulted in a major shift for businesses of all sizes and had strategic implications for hardware and network software developers.

“With technology moving so fast, I think the importance of protocol conversion technology to provide the link between legacy terminals and modern networks will become increasingly important.

“Businesses simply cannot afford to keep up with technology —constantly upgrading terminals and infrastructure to take advantage of new technologies.

“There simply isn’t a business case for changing business processes and retraining staff just to get the benefits of new networks when protocol conversion is so affordable.

“This also gives the business owner time to wait for the price of network access equipment to come down in price. “That’s where I believe companies like Braintree will be able to forge a niche market,” he said.

Mr Hall is responsible for developing and leading the business into its next growth phases.


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