22 July 2003

Braintree expands to accommodate technology demand - The Australian IT

Data communications specialists Braintree Communications continues to grow, with new expanded digs and new people to cope with it all.

Chief executive Peter Hall says Braintree expanded its office space with a second tenancy in South Brisbane to increase its floor space to 500 square metres, and boosted employee numbers in the programming, business operations and marketing divisions.

“We are also looking to appoint a business development manager in the UK within 6-8 months to support the opportunities we have coming out of this region,” Hall says.

The extra office space will expand Braintree’s R&D lab and also house a dedicated Centre for Excellence showcasing its unique connectivity solutions.

Braintree specialises in the design and development of data communication solutions that allow legacy terminals to seamlessly and immediately connect to modern networks using intelligent protocol conversion.

Its main focus is Short Duration Transaction Networks (SDTN) such as EFT applications like Point-Of-Sale and ATM connectivity, defence communications, airline reservation networks, security and financial services.


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