30 January 2004

Bank trials Aussie wireless EFT-POS - The Rust Report

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has completed a trial of a wireless EFT-POS gateway provided by Queensland company Braintree Communications. The gateway operates over a GPRS network and is claimed to provide very high transaction data rates. The retail trials involved sending transactions from existing EFT-POS terminals over the GPRS network to the CBA's host, explained Peter Hall, Braintree's CEO.

Hall added that Braintree's GPRS terminal adapter enables temporary point-of-sale locations during busy trading periods for events such as market stalls, trade shows, and kiosks, or in remote locations where landline connections are too costly or too slow.

"Our next challenge is field-testing our Ethernet to GPRS ATM terminal adapter, which allows retailers to use their existing broadband or GPRS service to carry transactions back to their banks," Hall added.



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