2 February 2004

Queensland group takes wires off CBA's ATMs - Internet Watch

Queensland company Braintree Communications has completed a trial in which it used its wireless EFT-POS gateway to link Commonwealth Bank ATMs to a bank host over a general packet radio service (GPRS) network. The system operates with existing point-of-sale hardware and is able to fall back to a wired service if GPRS is not available.

"Migrating EFT-POS from fixed wire to mobile networks gives the combined benefits of better mobility, easier EFT-POS network management, and dramatic cost reductions," claimed Peter Hall, CEO of Braintree. "Due to the small data size of EFT-POS transactions, GPRS is very attractive for retailers to use for their financial transactions for its cost effectiveness, ease of mobility, and transaction

Hall said the service would be ideal for temporary locations, such as market stalls and trade shows, as well as remote locations where landline connections are too costly or too slow. "Our next
challenge is field-testing our Ethernet-to-GPRS ATM terminal adapter which allows retailers to use existing broadband or GPRS services to carry transactions to their banks," Hall added.


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