25 June 2004

Christmas is early in election year - Rust Report

Several players in Australia’s IT arena are fortunately enough to have been able to cash in on the Federal Government’s largesse during this election year. Last week it was Col Hoschke’s Mainpac (Rust Report, June 18, p4), now followed by wireless technology developers Cohda Wireless and Braintree Communications.

Queensland company Braintree Communications has received more than $A1.7 million to commercialise its Axon wireless terminal adapters, which allow telecommunications companies, banks, merchants, and terminal manufacturers to migrate existing EFT-POS and ATM equipment to wireless networks. “The stakeholders in the financial transactions industry benefit through dramatic tariff reductions with no line rental charges, faster transaction speeds, remote network management, service bundling opportunities, and greater network reliability,” claimed Peter Hall, chief executive of Braintree. “The Axon terminal adapters send financial transaction data across the same networks that most Australian mobile phones use for voice and SMS traffic.” www.braintree.com.au


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