8 April 2001

Braintree's Decade

Brisbane-based IT firm Braintree Communications has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. From its beginning as a small consulting venture in the early 1990’s, Braintree has steadily grown to become one of Australia’s most respected specialist IT firms.

Braintree is an embedded software developer for the telecommunications industry with a focus on protocol conversion technology. Important Braintree innovations have included the design and development of intelligent Terminal Adapters for the ISDN EFT network of Telstra. The ability to provide embedded software solutions that are self installing, remotely managed, remotely upgradeable and have superior reliability has provided Braintree with a significant lead in the telco market.

Braintree has been involved in the application of protocol conversion technology to short duration transactions networks, such as bill payments, gaming, airline reservations and defence communications. Braintree has developed a wealth of experience with such a broad variety of communication protocols that have provided cost effective and innovative solutions to clients globally. Braintree’s key customers include Telstra, Ericsson, Boeing, Compaq, Jetset, Cashcard Australia and ANZ Banking Group.

Braintree's continuing focus on a long term sustainable business model has provided success where many similar ventures have faltered. Braintree has become recognised by major Australian and international corporations as a reliable and effective specialist in providing simple solutions to complex communications problems.


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