28 June 2001

Air Vanuatu seeks Brisbane company's expertise

"We needed a solution that will help us increase our productivity, enabled us to use our existing systems and equipment and more importantly, is a fraction of the cost of purchasing a whole new system with new terminals.” Patrick Shing, IT Manager for Air Vanuatu said.

Air Vanuatu turned to Brisbane-based Braintree Communications to provide them with this cost-effective communications solution.

“By having terminals with broader-based PC applications than our existing terminals, we could provide a more complete reservation service to our customers.” Patrick says.

“Braintree designed a solution that could integrate our current system with Windows-based products all from the one terminal. We could have stuck with the old set-up, but this would mean having two terminals on each employee’s desk so as to provide the complete reservation service. This would be inefficient and ineffective for what we were trying to do.” Patrick explained.

Air Vanuatu’s communications system incorporated dedicated terminals for airline reservations that could print hard copy tickets and itineraries. However, these dedicated terminals could not be used for broader-based PC applications like emailing the tickets and itineraries to customers, print general correspondence or access other PC-based applications to satisfy Air Vanuatu’s customer entire needs.

The solution uses a Braintree designed and developed product called the BTX card. The BTX Card is a communications board that can enhance the security and flexibility of any communications network. The BTX Card provides secure connection to multiple destinations through one physical link to a data network.

The BTX card’s applications also include: Terminal Access to Hosts, On-line Mail, EFTPOS, Remote Data Entry and Retrieval, Transaction File Transfers, Credit Card Authorisation and Processing and Data Broadcasting.

Braintree has been implementing cost effective and quality communications solutions for over 10 years. Braintree has provided specialised communications solutions to Telstra, Jetset, the Australian Defence Force, Ericsson, Boeing and Cashcard to name a few.


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