6 July 2001

Braintree showcases integrated retail solution

“It is common for a retail outlet’s communication network to consist of 2, 3 or even more PSTN lines to their business. Add to this one leased or dial-up line for financial transactions. The costs for renting all these lines are quite considerable for the retailer“ says Chief Technical Officer for Braintree Communications, Peter Mason.

Brisbane-based communications solution developer, Braintree Communications, was invited by Telstra to showcase the Argent solution at the recent Australian Retail Technology Show in Sydney.

Peter explains, “The Argent strategic transaction network not only gives you fast and dependable EFT network but also allows you to integrate your telecommunication operations onto a single ISDN line”.

Braintree Communications designed and developed for Telstra a terminal adapter that enables retailers to connect their phones, fax, PC’s and multiple EFTPOS terminals to a single ISDN line through the Telstra Argent network.

However, having one line does not mean that only one business function can operate at any one time.

“You can use the ISDN line for up to three unhindered simultaneous operations. You can be on the phone talking to a customer, while one of your staff members is using the PC and internet while remaining staff are processing EFT transactions. This is a fully integrated solution,“ Peter explained.

“A retailer can complete several simultaneous functions due to the three channels within an ISDN line. The ISDN line consists of one D-channel dedicated to EFT transactions and 2 B-channels that are used for voice, fax or data communications,” says Peter.

The Argent network is also a reliable, dependable solution. The network consists of 16 processing units in four geographically located positions. Each individual unit can handle Australia’s entire Christmas traffic. Therefore, if one unit goes down then the network is automatically routed to the next unit. Retailers can depend on the network being available when they need it most.

"The retailer gets a much faster, more reliable, cost effective communications network with the Argent solution,” Peter says. “If retailers are looking to get more from their communications network for less, then here it is”.


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