20 July 2001

Small Queensland communications company going global

From its humble beginnings as a one-man business over a decade ago, Brisbane-based Braintree Communications has steadily grown to boast a client base which includes some of the largest multinational companies within Australia.

Braintree’s specialises in Short Duration Transaction Networks (SDTN) like EFTPOS, airline reservations systems, security systems, defence and financial services using intelligent protocol conversion. This specialist expertise involves designing and developing innovative communication solutions to meet specific complex communications problems.

Companies that have contracted Braintree’s expertise to provide the communication solutions include Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson, ANZ, Japan Airlines and Jetset to name a few.

“The success we have received from developing solutions for multinational companies within Australia has given us the platform to implement the next stages of our business growth,” Chief Operating Officer at Braintree, Peter Hall said.

Peter said, “We see significant opportunities for the application of our current technology in strategic international markets”.

One such market opportunity is in the UK. Entering the UK market will also provide us with the stepping-stone for Braintree’s future plans to move into Europe, Mr Hall said.

One of Braintree’s innovative products is an intelligent terminal adaptor that was designed and developed for the Telstra ISDN Argent Network. The success of this product has prompted Braintree to look into future application potential in GPRS and ADSL networks. “This particular product looks to integrate a number of business communication operations into a single ISDN line. Adopting other networks should satisfy an identified demand for this particular product in a number of international markets”, Peter believes.

Braintree Communications has come a long way in the last ten years. Plans for strategic expansion in the future shows no indication of this growth subsiding for this small communications company from Queensland.

“We will be very busy over the next 12-18 months implementing the next stages of the business plan by marketing our products and expertise to international markets. We also have several new innovative products on the drawing board, which should maintain our strong growth”.


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