2 August 2001

Braintree’s expansion requires more room

November 2000 saw Braintree Communications enter a long-term lease in a building that offers more than three times the office space compared to their old premises.

“Braintree simply outgrew the old premises. We needed to move to an office that can cope with the growth that we are experiencing now and have planned for the future,” says Chief Operating Officer, Peter Hall.

The need to acquire more office space has derived from growing employee numbers in particular in the Programming, Business Operations and Marketing divisions. Braintree for over ten years has experienced steady growth and with plans to expand into international market, sign of this growth subsiding is no where to be seen.

“We are preparing to implement the next major stage of the business plan which is to launch our products and expertise in strategic international markets”.

Braintree has been designing and developing tailored communications solutions for the Australian market working with multinational companies that include Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson and Jetset.

Braintree’s new premises are on the shores of the Brisbane River overlooking the Brisbane CBD and are located at Level 1, 6 Cordelia Street in South Brisbane.


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