20 September 2001

Australian company seeks to revolutionise UK communications

Australian-based data communication specialists Braintree Communications are preparing to release in the UK and Europe a unique ISDN Gateway that will simplify retailer’s communications networks. SME’s no longer need separate lines for each communication medium as this Australian company assures that they can integrate your communications network in to one ISDN line. Seems unbelievable doesn’t it.

“It is common for a retail outlet’s communication network to consist of 2, 3 or even more PSTN lines and one leased or dial-up line for financial transactions. The costs for renting all these lines are quite considerable for the retailer. We designed a fully integrated solution which has simplified retailer’s communications network,” says Chief Operating Officer for Braintree Communications, Peter Hall.

This unique Gateway is a device that interfaces with any ISDN network. The device allows you to connect and operate phones and/or faxes and PC’s with Internet connection to a single ISDN line. You say what is so different about other products on the market that swear they do the same. The difference is that this Gateway also enables you to connect EPOS terminals to the same ISDN connection. Other devices on the market do not have this added functionality.

How does this Gateway solution work? It is simple. A single ISDN line consists of one D-channel and 2 B-channels. The D-channel is “always-on” and can be dedicated to a variety of applications that include EPOS transactions or security monitoring equipment. The 2 B-channels are used for voice, fax or data communications. You can send data down the three different channels simultaneously and unhindered or you can merge the 2 B-channels to access an increased bandwidth. The intelligent Gateway provides the interface, integration and conversion protocols required to send this data down the ISDN line.

Braintree originally designed the ISDN Gateway for Australia’s largest telecommunication carrier, Telstra. The Gateway has been deployed throughout Australia’s retailing industry for the past few years and with alarming success. From the carrier’s perspective, the ISDN Gateway enables the entire network to be remotely managed from a central location. This enables simple deployment of network upgrades and also provides an extended lifecycle of the device for benefit of both the customer and the carrier.

Peter explains, “ISDN not only provides the capabilities for fast and reliable POS transactions but also allows you to integrate your telecommunication operations onto a single ISDN line. It is a truly simplified network solution. You get all the benefits of 3 individual lines for the price of the one, but this one line is much faster, more reliable and more cost-effective”.

“If retailers are looking to get more from their communications network for less, then here it is”.

Braintree Communications is investigating partners to launch this truly unique product into the UK market. Discussions with telecommunications carriers will hopefully see this product supplied to the UK retailing industry, so keep an eye out for this product that is set to revolutionise your network.

Braintree expertise lies in Short Duration Transaction Networks (SDTN) like EFTPOS, airline reservations systems, security systems, defence and financial services using intelligent protocol conversion. Companies that have contracted Braintree’s expertise include Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson, ANZ, Jetset and Japan Airlines.


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