24 September 2001

Local company set to expand into Asian markets

Brisbane-based communications specialists Braintree Communications has been selected to participate and support the Queensland Government’s trade mission to Singapore and China scheduled for early October.

The trade mission to Singapore and China is aimed at matching Queensland IT companies with potential business partners in these regions. This will provide Braintree with a significant opportunity for exposure of its unique ISDN Gateway in the Asia market.

Braintree, located in South Brisbane, has been providing cost-effective communication solutions for over a decade to some of Australia’s largest multinational companies including Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson and Jetset.

“We are currently implementing our strategic plans for expansion into the UK market with our ISDN Gateway. This trade mission will also provide us with the platform to expand further into strategic international markets including Asia with this technology” said Peter Hall, Chief Operating Officer for Braintree Communications.

The ISDN Gateway that Braintree will promote in the UK and Asian markets was originally designed for Telstra’s ISDN network. The unique ISDN Gateway offers a fully integrated solution for retailers entire communications network.

The Gateway can connect any asynchronous devices (like PCs with Internet connection), a standard telephone/fax system and POS terminals to a single ISDN connection. Small business no longer needs separate lines for each communication medium as this Australian company has designed and developed a device that can integrate all these terminals into one connection.

However, one line does not mean only one medium can operate at any one time. The Gateway enables simultaneous and unhindered operations to be undertaken at the same time.

The trade mission also comes closely on the back of Braintree’s visit to China two weeks ago where discussions were undertaken for the potential for a significant partnership with a leading Chinese manufacturer.

“We see significant benefits for both Braintree and our Chinese partner in providing the distribution of these products. We are currently testing and certifying their range of products to meet the Australian standards hopefully for distribution early next year”.

Braintree is keeping pretty tight lipped about the applications of these unique products until they have finalised the agreement and the products are ready for distribution.

Braintree sees the trade mission as a significant opportunity for them to gain access to the major decision makers in the IT and telecommunications industries in the Asian market.

“This trade mission will provide the stepping-stone into Asia by providing us with access to key industry representatives. The trade mission screens and matches potential partners for us, which will make the trip extremely beneficial”.

“Locating the key players is the hardest aspect of sourcing international partners but this is already done for us before we leave”.


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