18 October 2001

Braintree wins national IT awards

Data communication specialists Braintree Communications has won the Euro High-Tech Awards competition with their unique communications Gateway. The competition saw IT companies all over Australia compete for a place to tour Europe as part of Austrade’s IT business mission.

The competition, judged by Sun Microsystems and Nextec, will provide Braintree with the opportunity to market their IT solution to senior business managers, IT companies and venture capitalists in the UK, Germany and Sweden.

The device that won Braintree a place on the tour is a unique telecommunications gateway targeted at the Australian retailing industry. This unique gateway offers a fully integrated solution that simplifies retailer’s communications network consolidating all communication mediums into a single ISDN connection.

Chief Operating Officer for Braintree Communications, Mr Peter Hall says that it is common for retail outlet’s communication networks to consist of 2, 3 or even more individual lines for each communication service. The costs for renting all these lines are quite considerable for the retailer.

“Retailers do not need individual lines for each medium. Our Gateway has enabled retailers to connect and operate PCs with Internet connection, a phone and fax system, and point of sale terminals to a single ISDN connection” Peter said.

However, having one line does not mean that only one communication medium can operate at any one time.

“Through our gateway you can use one ISDN line for up to three unhindered simultaneous operations. You can be on the phone talking to a customer, while another employee is surfing the Internet while remaining staff are processing EFT transactions. This is a fully integrated solution,“ Peter explained.

The mission is scheduled for early November and will see Braintree take the next steps in its expansions plans to maintain its consistent organic growth.

Braintree’s ISDN Gateway is currently being deployed throughout Australia’s retailing industry as part of Telstra’s ISDN network, Argent. Other network gateways under development include access to broadband and wireless platforms.

“I believe that within two years we will have saturated the Australian domestic market with our gateway products. Winning this competition has opened up avenues for us to pursue our plans for expansion into strategic international markets” Peter said.

“We see the UK and Germany in particular possess huge potential for our ISDN Gateway. The UK’s telecommunications infrastructure is very similar to Australia’s and Germany is the European leader in ISDN consumption,” Peter said.

“This mission will provide us with the opportunity to discuss the potential of our product with key players in the IT industry in Europe”.

Braintree’s objective from the tour is to develop partner relationships where Braintree can supply their unique gateway to the European market. This mission comes hot on the heals of Braintree’s recent trade mission to China and Singapore where they were able to start the ball rolling in exporting the Gateway into the Asian markets.

“Things are beginning to move very quickly for us on the global market which is great. It is exciting to see our expansion plan put through its paces”.

For the past ten years Braintree has been providing specialist customised communications solutions for some of Australia’s largest multi-national companies like Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson, Cashcard and Jetset to name a few.

“Developing solutions for these companies has provided us with the experience to successfully enter the competitive international markets”.


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