19 November 2001

Award winning Company launches unique terminal server products

Data communication specialists, Braintree Communications has recently launched their unique terminal server solutions, the Translator series.

The Translator is designed for transaction and/or data processing with synchronous and asynchronous attached devices such as terminals, ATMs and EFTPOS connected to a Local Area Network (LAN).

The Translator series is ideal for networking terminals that require a high degree of data security.

“We have recently designed and developed a customised version of the Translator for the Australian Defence Force to integrate their communications network,” said Chief Operating Officer for Braintree Communications, Mr Peter Hall.

“Braintree’s technology suits networking environments where secure data transmission is vital for instance in networking ATMs in the banking and finance industry,” said Mr Hall.

“Our Translator products also support unformatted or encrypted data which is not found in other synchronous terminals servers”.

Braintree’s Translator products can be remotely managed and diagnosed via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and is also available in an unmanaged variant. The Translator can be configured, managed and upgraded either locally or remotely over the network. These features allow the network manager to optimise the terminal servers performance.

Having remote management capabilities allows the latest software to be downloaded to the Translators quickly and easily. Network diagnostics can be managed without having to send a technician to the users premises. This will decrease the downtime that a user may experience in a network failure and the costs of network support.

Braintree’s Application Programming Interface (API) capabilities allows a customer’s programmers to customise the product’s interface to match their specific working environment.

Other unique features of Braintree’s translator solution include the ability for multi-channelling – to simultaneously broadcast the same information to multiple synchronous and asynchronous ports.

Peter says, “Our terminal server is a robust and reliable product that can be customised to integrate a number of synchronous, asynchronous and Ethernet-based applications, whether you’re processing financial transactions or communicating with troops on the front”.

Braintree specialises in the design and development of cost-effective data communications solutions for Short Duration Transaction Networks (SDTN) like EFTPOS, airline reservations systems, security systems and financial services using intelligent protocol conversion. Braintree has developed innovative communication solutions for markets that include the telecommunications, defence, banking and finance and airline industries.

One of Braintree’s unique telco products recently won them the national Austrade Euro High-Tech Competition. This competition has provided them with the opportunity to access key industry players in a tour throughout Europe during early November.


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