27 November 2001

Australian IT Company taking on global competitors in their own backyards

Braintree Communications returned last week from a very successful European business development tour. Braintree Communications, data communications specialists, won a place on the tour by winning the national Euro High-Tech Competition.

The competition saw 10 of Australia’s best IT companies chosen by industry leaders Sun Microsystems and Nextec to tour Europe as part of Austrade’s trade mission.

“The tour provided us with an opportunity to gain access to some of Europe’s key IT representatives and senior business managers. It gave Braintree the chance to strut our stuff in front of some influential people such as the CIO of Cable & Wireless Global,” said Mr Peter Hall, Chief Operating Officer for Braintree.

Braintree won the competition with a unique network gateway product targeted at the telecommunications and retailing industries. This unique gateway offers a fully integrated solution that simplifies retailer’s communications network by consolidating all communication mediums including EFTPOS terminals into a single ISDN connection.

“We had previously identified significant opportunities for our technology in the European market in particular the UK and this tour helped us gain access to the right people,” Peter said.

Braintree’s network gateway has been successfully deployed throughout Australia through Telstra’s ISDN network called Argent. Braintree envisages saturation of the domestic market within 18 months and therefore needs to identify key strategic growth markets. They have identified the UK, Europe, Asia and the US in particular as holding significant opportunities.

“It was vital for us to develop international relationships to sustain our current growth. We have developed strong relationships from our visits to Asia and Europe that we now need to expand on”.

The QLD Government selected Braintree for the recent trade mission to China and Singapore. This trade mission saw Braintree return from Asia with some great opportunities that are currently on the negotiating table. Together with the European tour, Braintree has covered off three of its four identified international markets with plans to cover the US in the first quarter of next year.

“We returned from Asia with some great opportunities and we are following up of a number of leads that we received while in Europe. It is a bit early to tell but we are confident we made a big impact in the UK with some key players who we are keen to advance discussions with,” Peter explained.

Braintree shows no sign of slowing down as Peter maintains the momentum of the international growth plans.

“The hard work of identifying the key players has now been done. We now have to concentrate on developing the relationships further over the next few months pin-pointing where the opportunities for Braintree exist”.

“We have one foot in the door, all that remains now is to pull the other one through”.

Braintree is based in Brisbane and specialises in the design and development of customised communications solutions for some of Australia’s largest multinational companies including Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson, Cashcard and Jestet to name a few. Braintree has developed solutions to communications problems for the telecommunications, defence, airline, banking and finance industries.


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