12 February 2002

Defence recognises Braintree’s communications expertise

Data communications specialists Braintree Communications is proud to announce that they have been officially acknowledged as a ‘Defence Recognised Supplier’ to the Australian Defence Industry.

The Defence Recognised Supplier Scheme (DRSS) is part of the Department of Defence’s support for Australian industry. The scheme aims to support Australian businesses export products and services to international markets.

To be eligible for recognition from the scheme you need to meet 4 specific criteria, such as producing a product or service of high quality to the defence industry and also being Australian owned.

“Being recognised as a supplier to the Australian Defence Organisation adds a great deal of credibility to Braintree. This recognition of our expertise will strongly support our international expansion plans,” said Mr Peter Hall, Chief Operating Officer for Braintree Communications.

Braintree designed and developed a customised data communications solution for the upgrade of the Australian Defence Force’s High Frequency communications network. The solution was a synchronous terminal server with unique features that Braintree customised to the Defence infrastructure.

“The server solution can be customised to industries where transmitting encrypted data safely, securely and in a timely manner is imperative like the defence, banking and finance industries,” Peter said.

“Credibility and recognition for your quality and expertise is a big deal in the IT industry particularly in today’s current climate. This recognition along with winning two national IT competitions has done wonders for the promotion of Braintree both domestically and internationally,” Peter explains.

Braintree has recently won two national IT awards for one of their unique solutions, undertaken business development tours to the UK, Europe and Asia, was awarded a $455,000 R&D grant to develop world-first communications equipment and is planning to tour the United States early this year.

Braintree specialises in the design and development of customised communications solutions for some of Australia’s largest companies including Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson, Cashcard and Jestet to name a few. Braintree has developed solutions to communications problems for the telecommunications, defence, airline, banking and finance industries.


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