1 March 2002

Braintree presents solution for slow global IP uptake at the WCIT

Communications specialists, Braintree Communications, delivered a solution at the World Congress on IT in Adelaide to overcome the global problem of slow IP network uptake. The problem facing telecommunication carriers and service providers is migrating existing customers from legacy networks to modern IP platforms like broadband.

Braintree has designed and developed an intelligent communication Gateway - a unique product targeted at the SME and telecommunications industries. The Gateway allows businesses to integrate their entire voice and data communication requirements into a single carrier line.

“Our solution provides benefits to carriers, service providers and end users alike. It allows existing infrastructure to continue to be used with new network platforms such as IP, and it significantly extends the life of legacy equipment,” says Chief Operating Officer for Braintree, Mr Peter Hall.

“Modern companies want to drive further life out of their existing infrastructure but still gain the benefit of using modern IP-based communications platforms. This is a compelling aim at both business and technical levels within customer organisations”.

What makes Braintree’s Gateway so unique is the level of communications integration. Braintree has designed a device that not only allows PC’s with internet access and a telephone and fax system to connect to a single line, but also consolidates EFTPOS terminals and even security monitoring equipment to a single connection.

Braintree’s Gateway helps business extend its product lifecycles by providing the complex protocol conversions necessary to allow legacy equipment to communicate with new network platforms. This reduces costs for end users, as they do not need to purchase new equipment to gain the benefits from a modern network.

It also benefits the carrier as it facilitates user migration to modern, more manageable, cost-effective networks. The service provider, such as banks, benefit through access to new market segments and additional features they can offer existing customers, creating a more ‘sticky’ customer.

The Gateway enables remote management allowing the latest software to be downloaded quickly and easily without sending a technician to a users' premises. This helps decrease the downtime a user may experience in a network failure and also the maintenance costs for the carrier as this all can be done remotely.

The Gateway also provides fully automated installation and configuration. The device will indicate if a connection cannot be made and any network faults are clearly displayed - which helps the installer achieve a quick and successful connection.

The Gateway solution has won Braintree two national IT competitions for its innovative and unique features. Braintree won the Euro High-Tech Awards in October 2001 and the Secrets of Australian IT Innovation, with the latter providing them with the opportunity to exclusively present the solution to the WCIT delegates.

“Presenting at the WCIT allowed us to deliver our unique technology to the global IT market. You don’t often get the chance to speak with senior IT executives and venture capitalists from all over the world in two days” said Mr Hall.

“We met with some major international Telco players who are excited about this technology and its capabilities. The important job is now implementing some of our ideas and strategies for entering our technology into the global market with these major players”.

Braintree specialises in the design and development of customised communications solutions for Short Duration Transaction Networks using intelligent protocol conversion. Braintree has been developing unique solutions for over 11 years for the telecommunications, defence, airline, banking and finance industries for the likes of Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson, Cashcard and Jetset.


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