7 February 2003

Braintree invited to showcase unique technology in Europe

Data communications specialists, Braintree Communications have been invited by the British Government on a trade partner mission to the United Kingdom in March this year.

“The visit provides Braintree with an opportunity to gain valuable exposure for our technology in alignment with our pursuit for international partners,” said Peter Hall, Chief Executive Officer at Braintree.

Trade Partners UK, the British equivalent of Austrade, has invited Braintree to tour the UK and Germany as part of its 17-day trade mission. The mission is committed to helping British and Australian companies form mutually beneficial partnerships to export their technologies throughout the Asia-Pacific and European regions respectively.

Mr Hall added, “Braintree has already identified and commenced discussions with major Telco’s and ICT service providers in the UK and Erope to deploy our technology throughout Europe”.

Braintree sees the UK as holding significant opportunities being the preferred market entry point for their technology, as the UK’s telecommunications infrastructure is similar to that in Australia. The UK will also provide the stepping-stone into the much larger European markets where consumption is amongst the highest in the world.

In Australia, Telstra’s small business ISDN EFTPOS solution is powered by Braintree technology. Braintree’s technology allows Telstra’s EFTPOS customers to migrate their entire communications network including PCs with Internet, telephony, security, EFTPOS and other financial transaction equipment onto a single ISDN line. This helps reduce line rental costs and provides a faster, more reliable and enhanced service with greater scope then they currently experience.

Braintree’s technology also allows legacy communications equipment to connect immediately and seamlessly to modern IP networks using intelligent protocol conversion.

“The protocol conversion intelligence we incorporate in our solutions is very important to the companies who want to migrate to modern networks such as ISDN, GPRS and ADSL without the huge capital expense of updating all their communications equipment. Our technology allows them to do this easily,” said Mr Hall.

Braintree’s technology has already won 3 recent national IT awards and they have been awarded a $455,000 R&D Start Grant to further develop this technology.

“We hope to use this trade mission to consolidate our existing relationships and also generate new relationships with companies that are complementary to our technology,” Mr Hall said.

In conjunction with the tour, companies on the trade mission will attend the world’s largest ICT exhibition, CeBit held in Hannover, Germany. CeBit organisers expect delegates from more than 60 countries and over 6,500 exhibitors. This will provide Braintree with the opportunity to discuss their technology to major Telco’s and ICT service providers from the all over the globe.

About Braintree Communications

Braintree Communications is a leading edge communications developer of world-class technologies that simplify, integrate and enhance any data network. Braintree specialises in developing solutions to allow legacy equipment to seamlessly and immediately connect to modern network platforms using intelligent protocol conversion.

Braintree has been developing unique solutions for over 12 years to the telecommunications, defence, airline, banking and finance industries for the likes of Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson, Damovo, Cashcard and Japan Airlines.



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