27 March 2003

Braintree technology drives service bundling opportunities for Telstra

With customers demanding more from service providers, local company Braintree Communications has delivered a service bundling solution to Telstra that will help the Telco offer a multitude of services from a single device. This device, the Enhanced ISDN Gateway, is helping Telstra customer churn for their wireline services, enhancing their current marketing strategy.

Braintree’s Gateway technology enables Telstra to offer EFTPOS, security, Wide Area Networking, fast Internet access, telephony and more from this one device.

“Our technology is an install once, deploy many services business model,” said Mr Peter Hall, Chief Executive Officer for Braintree Communications.

The gateway’s remote management features enable Telstra to switch on new services remotely without sending a technician to the customers premises. All this can be done from a central network management centre where new services can be added as they become available.

“There is a overwhelming demand for service bundling solutions from both the end user and the Telco,” says Mr Hall. “Customers want a single provider to satisfy all their telecommunications needs and with a single bill. Service providers need to bundle services to retain these customers and win new business”.

“For the Telco to create a sticky customer they now need to offer more services through its existing infrastructure. End users don’t want to install dedicated devices for individual services. They prefer one device did it all,” says Mr Hall. “We take this into consideration when designing our technology incorporating flexibility so our devices can grow with end user and Telco requirements.”

Telstra is currently trialing the Enhanced version of Braintree’s ISDN Gateway before deploying the device as part of their Argent ISDN network. Argent is Telstra’s digital EFTPOS service targeted at retailers and SMEs. The original ISDN Gateway developed by Braintree for Telstra has been operational for several years.

“Through our Gateway, Telstra has the mechanism to offer more than just a high-speed digital EFTPOS solution. Telstra has remote access to switch on a multitude of services through software changes which happens without any disruption to the customer” said Mr Hall.

Service bundling allows Telstra to offer several highly targeted solutions to individual customers, providing the opportunity to become a one-stop-shop, with the same technology installed.

Braintree is in the process of confirming opportunities with strategic international partners for their unique technology, specifically targeting the UK and Europe. These market entry points hold significant opportunities for this small Queensland company which hopes to implement their international expansion plans within the next 12 months.

“We see that our Gateways will reach market saturation in Australian within about 2 years. That is why it is important that we continue to develop international opportunities to sustain Braintree’s growth strategy,” Mr Hall added.

Braintree is also currently developing similar gateways for ADSL and GPRS networks that will be available later this year.

About Braintree Communications

Braintree Communications is a leading edge developer of communication technologies that simplify, integrate and enhance any data network. Braintree specialises in developing solutions to allow legacy equipment to seamlessly and immediately connect to modern network platforms using intelligent protocol conversion.

Braintree has been developing unique solutions for over 13 years to the telecommunications, defence, airline, banking and finance industries for the likes of Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson, Damovo, Cashcard and Japan Airlines.



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