4 September 2003

Braintree technology helps Telstra deliver integrated customer solutions

With customers demanding more from their service providers, local company Braintree Communications has designed an integrated retail EFTPOS solution for Telstra that helps the telco deliver a multitude of customer services.

Through Braintree’s Argent Enhanced Terminal Adaptor (AETA), Telstra is providing retailers a flexible and scalable integrated network solution. The AETA offers retailers EFTPOS, Security, Wide Area Networking, fast Internet access and telephony connectivity through a single Integrated Subscriber Digital Network (ISDN) line.

The unique AETA was customised for Telstra’s digital EFTPOS network – Argent – and allows the telco to migrate existing customers from their legacy analogue EFTPOS network.

“It is common for a retailer’s communications network to consist of 2, 3 or even more phone and data lines into their business. When you include a leased or dial-up line for financial transactions, the complexity and costs can start to add up,“ says Chief Executive Officer for Braintree Communications, Peter Hall.

“Through our Gateway, Telstra is able to offer more than just a high-speed digital EFTPOS solution. With software changes, Telstra can deploy a multitude of services without disruption to their customer,” said Mr Hall.

The AETA’s remote management features enable new services to be switched on without sending a technician to the customer’s premises. This is achieved from a central network management centre where new customer services can be added as they become available.

“The AETA is an intelligent protocol conversion device that allows older communications equipment to connect immediately and seamlessly to modern networks,” Mr Hall said.

“This is essential for the retail market – offering customers the benefit of modern digital networks without the cost of updating their communications equipment.”

“There is an overwhelming demand from retailers for simplicity in the delivery of integrated service solutions,” says Mr Hall. “Retailers will continue to seek out the providers that can offer a complete telecommunications solution.”

Telstra has now successfully completed trials of the AETA and is deploying it as part of its Argent ISDN network.

About Braintree Communications

Braintree Communications specialises in the design and development of data communication solutions that allow legacy terminals to seamlessly and immediately connect to modern networks using intelligent protocol conversion.

Braintree’s primary technology focus is on Short Duration Transaction Networks (SDTN) such as EFT applications like Point-Of-Sale and ATM connectivity, defence communications systems, airline reservation networks, security systems and financial services.

Braintree has been developing unique solutions since 1990 for clients such as Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson, Damovo, Cashcard and Japan Airlines.

For more information on Braintree Communications call Mr Peter Hall on +61 7 3033 8800 or visit www.braintree.com.au.


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