7 January 2004

Braintree launches new website

Braintree is proud to announce that a new corporate website has completed its live trial and is now officially launched.

The site is designed to be easier to use, quicker to negotiate and provide access to more information than before. The new site commenced a live trial on 18th December and features a design that better reflects Braintree's image and direction for the future.

Amongst the new features is a downloads section for the latest product user guides and new product information, in depth case studies, whitepapers and latest news on Braintree's technology developments.

"I am pleased to be launching our new website as we enter into a very exciting New Year for Braintree," stated Braintree's chief executive officer, Mr Peter Hall. "2004 holds a great deal of opportunities for Braintree globally as we continue the development of our range Axon network gateways, network management systems and other transaction access technology."

"Our new website will play an important role in communicating to our key stakeholders Braintree's breaking developments as they unfold during the new year," says Mr Hall.

Braintree's range Axon network gateways are designed to cost effectively migrate leased line and dial up retail point-of-sale applications onto modern digital and wireless networks without updating existing transaction equipment. This migration provides many benefits for retailers including access to faster, more reliable and cheaper networks.


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