22 January 2004

Wireless EFTPOS proves killer application for GPRS

Brisbane-based, Braintree Communications has announced the successful trial of their wireless eftpos gateway with the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) over a General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) network.

The GPRS network is an overlay of the mobile GSM network and provides exceptional transaction data rates.

The Commonwealth Bank and Braintree have conducted successful retail pilot trials of Braintree's GPRS terminal adaptor by sending eftpos transactions from existing eftpos terminals over GPRS network into the CBA's host.

Mr Peter Hall, CEO for Braintree Communications said: "This is an exciting evolutionary step for the Australian financial transaction industry. Migrating eftpos from fixed wire to mobile networks gives the combined benefits of better mobility, easier eftpos network management and dramatic transaction cost reductions.

Due to the small data size of eftpos transactions, GPRS is very attractive for retailers to use for their financial transactions for its cost effectiveness, ease of mobility and transaction speeds.

Using the new Braintree GPRS terminal adaptor, the Axon - G4020, retailers can use their existing point-of-sale hardware and seamlessly convert to a wireless connection to their bank.

The Axon - G4020 is an intelligent protocol conversion device that allows existing eftpos equipment to connect immediately to GPRS networks, with an option to provide automatic transaction fall back to wires if GPRS is not available.

"This is very important to the retail market offering retailers the benefit of a wireless network without the cost of updating their existing eftpos equipment," says Mr Hall.

Braintree's GPRS terminal adaptor enables temporary point-of-sale locations during busy trading periods to cope with extra foot traffic and for events such as market stalls, trade shows, kiosks, mobile service centres or remote locations where landline connections are too costly or slow.

"Eftpos over GPRS is a key market for Braintree Communications. Our next challenge is field testing our Ethernet to GPRS ATM terminal adaptor." This allows retailers to use their existing broadband or GPRS service to carry transactions back to their bank.

There is exceptional interest in EFTPOS over GPRS. The flexibility of GRPS combined with the attractive tariffs is driving major banks and retailers to consider GPRS as a very viable leased line replacement," Mr Hall said. "GPRS can also provide faster transactions at a lower cost then most dial-up eftpos services."

About Braintree Communications

Braintree Communications specialises in the design and development of data communication solutions that allow legacy terminals to seamlessly and immediately connect to modern networks using intelligent protocol conversion.

Braintree's primary technology focus is on Short Duration Transaction Networks (SDTN) such as EFT applications like Point-Of-Sale and ATM connectivity, defence communications systems, airline reservation networks, security systems and financial services.

Braintree has been developing unique solutions since 1990 for clients such as Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson, Damovo, Cashcard and Japan Airlines.

For more information on Braintree Communications call Mr Peter Hall on +61 7 3033 8800 or visit www.braintree.com.au.


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