27 February 2004

Cashcard trials Wireless ATM

Cashcard and Braintree Communications have announced the successful trial of a wireless-enabled Automatic Teller Machine believed to be the first of its kind in Australia.

The project involved Cashcard sending ATM transactions over Telstra's General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) network using Braintree's GPRS terminal adaptor, the Axon.

Mr Peter Hall, chief executive for Braintree Communications said: "Substituting expensive fixed wire ATM connectivity with wireless networks gives the combined benefits of better mobility, easier ATM fleet management and dramatic transaction cost reductions."

Because ATM traffic consists of small short duration transactions, GPRS can be a much more attractive option than leased line or dial services due to the inexpensive GPRS tariffing. ATM and EFTPOS transactions are emerging as the killer application for GPRS networks.

The GPRS network is an overlay of the mobile GSM network and provides data transfer speeds of up to 44kbps.

Another benefit of GPRS is that connections to the network are "always on". This means no waiting for call set-up and also means that ATMs can be remotely managed just like leased line ATMs.

Braintree's Axon GPRS terminal adaptor allows existing EFTPOS and ATM hardware to connect to GPRS networks.

"The customer can keep their existing ATM or point of sale equipment, add the Axon terminal adaptor, and be ready to transact immediately," Hall says.

By using a combination of Triton's 'Triton Connect' ATM management application and Braintree's Axon, Cashcard can manage its entire Triton ATM population remotely, minimising costly site visits by technical staff.

Cashcard is looking to deploy wireless ATMs for market stalls, trade shows, kiosks, mobile service centres or remote locations where landline connections are either not available or too costly.

Deployment of the GPRS enabled Cashcard ATMs is expected to start mid 2004.

Braintree is hoping to export its Axon to the UK, Europe and USA within the next 6 months.

Hall said: "Anywhere there is a GPRS network the Axon can be used to carry ATM and EFTPOS transactions providing significant opportunities for Braintree's technology globally.

Braintree is currently developing a CDMA Axon terminal adaptor to cater for rural and remote areas where GSM/GPRS accessibility may be unavailable.

About Braintree Communications

Braintree Communications specialises in the design and development of data communication solutions that allow legacy terminals to seamlessly and immediately connect to modern networks using intelligent protocol conversion.

Braintree's primary technology focus is on Short Duration Transaction Networks (SDTN) such as EFT applications like Point-Of-Sale and ATM connectivity, defence communications systems, airline reservation networks, security systems and financial services.

Braintree has been developing unique solutions since 1990 for clients such as Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson, Damovo, Cashcard and Japan Airlines.

For more information on Braintree Communications call Mr Peter Hall on +61 7 3033 8800 or visit www.braintree.com.au.


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