30 April 2004

Braintree helps retail merchants overcome line rental increases

With the announcement today of the increase in phone line rental there comes the resulting demand for merchants to somehow drive down communications costs. How can merchants reduce communications costs if line rental charges are being increased?

The answer is to remove the line all together. Leading technology developer, Braintree Communications, has developed a fixed line replacement solution for connecting ATM and EFTPOS equipment to a wireless network, reducing the network access cost by $30 monthly.

Braintree's wireless IP technology, the Axon terminal adaptor, connects existing fixed line EFTPOS and ATM transaction terminals to a General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) network, the same service as a mobile phone.

Mr Peter Hall, chief executive for Braintree Communications said: "Substituting expensive fixed wires for EFTPOS and ATMs with wireless connectivity is an evolutionary step for the Australian financial transaction industry. It gives the combined benefits of much cheaper tariffing without the monthly line rental, greater mobility and easier terminal fleet management."

"What is unique about our Axon terminal adaptor is that merchants and terminal manufacturers can keep their existing fixed line transaction equipment and be wireless enabled. We have successfully trialed our Axon technology with two of the worlds largest ATM manufacturers and one of Australia's major banks over a GPRS network," says Mr Hall.

Merchants simply unplug their transaction terminals from the wall socket, plug it into Braintree's Axon terminal adaptor and away they go. They don't have to upgrade or replace POS terminals as the Axon allows merchants to transact immediately over GPRS through intelligent protocol conversion.

"There is exceptional interest in EFTPOS and ATM over GPRS. The flexibility of GRPS combined with the attractive tariffs is driving major banks and merchants to consider GPRS as a viable leased line and dial replacement," Mr Hall said. "GPRS can also provide faster transactions at a lower cost then most dial-up EFTPOS services."

Braintree's GPRS Axon enables temporary point-of-sale locations during busy trading periods to cope with extra foot traffic and for events such as market stalls, trade shows, kiosks, mobile service centres or remote locations where fixed line connections are too costly or slow.

Another benefit of GPRS is that connections to the network are "always on". No more waiting in supermarket queues while the terminal dials into the bank, which means a dramatic reduction in transaction processing times. "Always on" also means that EFTPOS and ATMs can be remotely managed just like leased line terminals reducing Telco and bank support costs. Software upgrades, sophisticated reporting, configuration and installation can all be done remotely.

Braintree is currently developing an Ethernet version of its Axon terminal adaptor to cater for merchants who have or require a DSL connection to their store. Braintree's Ethernet Axon terminal adaptor consolidates EFTPOS and ATM traffic over the same DSL connection providing cost reductions for merchants who need the high bandwidth.

Braintree is showcasing its wireless technology at next weeks ATM Industry Association Exhibition in Sydney 5-6 May 2004.

About Braintree Communications

Braintree Communications specialises in the design and development of data communication solutions that allow existing transaction terminals to connect to modern IP networks and transact immediately through embedded intelligent protocol conversion.

Braintree's primary technology focus is on Short Duration Transaction Networks (SDTN) such as EFT applications like Point-Of-Sale and ATM connectivity, defence communications systems, airline reservation networks, security systems and financial services.

Braintree has been developing unique solutions since 1990 for clients such as Telstra, Boeing, Ericsson, Damovo, Cashcard and Japan Airlines.


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