8 June 2006

Suncorp Lowers the Cost of ATM Transactions Using Braintree Router

Brisbane based, Braintree Communications Pty Ltd, today announced a deal with Suncorp Metway to roll out up to 250 wireless ATMs that use a public General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), network.

Suncorp is using Braintree’s Axon series of GPRS router products to convert its ATMs to GPRS wireless.

Mr. Brad Sands, CEO of Braintree Communications said: “The business case for converting from leased line to wireless GPRS is compelling.

“Our calculations show that the cost for GPRS can be less than 1.5 cents per transaction, a reduction of 30 to 80% compared with traditional leased lines.

“The other major advantage of wireless GPRS is the speed and low cost of deployment.

“Unlike leased lines and telephone lines, there is no waiting around for expensive cabling to be installed and there is more flexibility where you can site the ATMs.

“In shopping centres, for example, you can place the ATMs in high traffic areas rather than where telephone lines happen to be available.

“Pre-deployment is also easier. The ATM deployer can build and test the ATM before delivery to the site confident that when it is plugged in on site the ATM will work first time.

“GPRS is now mature technology with a proven track record both in Australia and overseas,” said Mr Sands.

“There are now four major banks and financial institutions evaluating our technology with a view to cutting transaction costs and improving service delivery.

“The fact that there are three GPRS service providers in Australia, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, means that competition is fierce and unlike the situation with leased lines, customers have a real choice of telecommunications carrier.”

“We have also shipped 200 units this week for use in shopping centres in Thailand,” said Mr Sands.

Braintree’s Axon GPRS router products use a Coldfire processor running embedded Linux coupled with a GPRS modem. The hardware and software has been developed by Braintree over the last 4 years.

As well as routing capability, the Axon router can also convert legacy protocols like SNA for carriage over IP networks like GPRS and ADSL.


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