10 July 2006

Braintree Offers Managed Telco Services to Australian Banks

Brisbane based Braintree Communications is now offering telecommunications and network migration project management as part of its transaction delivery package to banks and financial institutions.

CEO for Braintree Communications, Brad Sands, announced the new bundled strategy in a presentation held in Sydney this week to key stakeholders in the banking transaction community.

Mr Sands said: “Banks can find it difficult to get the products they need at the right cost.

“Telcos do understand the need to migrate their customers from legacy systems to faster and cheaper IP networks.

“Braintree has developed the technology to migrate Banks a DSL service at $120 per month or a wireless GPRS service costing $30 per month.”

The new Braintree product package includes their range of Axon legacy to IP protocol converters, the full spectrum of fixed wire and wireless IP network options, device network management plus project management expertise.

“Our focus for the next 2 years is to help banks migrate their fleets of EFTPOS and ATM devices from legacy lines to IP networks.” Mr Sands said.

Australia’s telecommunications carriers are gradually shutting down their legacy systems, including X.25, Digital Data Services and PAPL (permitted attachment private line).

The banks face the challenge of migrating thousands of devices away from leased lines to new infrastructure in the next two to three years.

“With the move to triple DES, banks will have to upgrade their ATM hardware. This is a perfect opportunity for them to gradually migrate their fleets from legacy networks to IP.”

Braintree is capitalising on the opportunity to help banks extend the service life of expensive ATM and EFTPOS fleets by supplying protocol converters and new and inexpensive IP services.

Mr Sands said: “The great thing about IP services is that they are contestable.

“Unlike the traditional leased line market, competition has driven down the costs of DSL and GPRS products.

“Our customers benefit from this price competition and we can now bundle hardware, carriage, network management and project management into one managed service offer and present it on one monthly bill.”

For more information on Braintree Communications call Mr. Brad Sands on
+61 7 3033 8800 or visit http://www.braintree.com.au/products/managed_services.htm.



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