Braintree's core technology focus is on Short Duration Transaction Network's and protocol conversion. Our direct customers who benefit from our unique technology development include:
  • Telecommunication carriers wanting to provide value-adding services to merchants on IP networks.
  • Financial Institutions (such as Banks) wanting to deliver a higher level of service to merchants such as faster transaction speed, lower communications costs and greater reliability.
  • Defence Communication Systems providers looking to integrate and enhance their communications systems.
  • Systems Integrators who wish to expand the services they offer to their customer-base.
  • Payment processors and Transaction switch providers looking for reliable and secure end-to-end EFTPOS systems.
  • ATM and Cash Dispenser manufacturers who wish to cost-effectively and immediately IP-enable existing equipment in the field.
  • Merchants and Small-Medium Enterprises wishing to access the many benefits that modern IP networks provide without updating existing transaction terminals.

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