Due to overwhelming demand from banks, financial institutions and other large users of legacy networks, Braintree now offers a range of products and services to make migration from legacy networks to IP painless, efficient and economic.

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There are a number of elements in this service offering that customers can choose from. These elements include:

1. Axon Hardware products
The migration from legacy networks to IP networks usually requires a device for protocol conversion. Braintree offers a range of leading edge products at competitive prices for leased line and PSTN dial line protocol conversion. And because we design the hardware and software, we can customise the Axon firmware for unusual protocol conversion projects. Braintree has undertaken specialised projects for Telstra, Optus, TNSI, Boeing, Cashcard, First Data and E-Pay. Braintree are the experts in legacy protocols and short duration transaction message formats.

2. Telecommunications Services
Braintree has the expertise, contacts and stamina to negotiate compelling carriage deals with major telcos for fixed wire and wireless GPRS IP services. Our bundled service offer includes all the telecommunications elements required for a successful migration from legacy lines to wired and wireless IP. Where our customer has a preference for telco supplier, Braintree will work with that supplier to get the best deal for our customer.

3. Network Management Services
Braintree's Glia device network management service is used by leading Australian banks to manage fleets of edge devices that connect EFTPOS and ATM equipment to IP networks. The standard browser interface  makes Glia easy to deploy. In addition, help desk training costs are minimised due to Glia's logical menu structure and intuitive interface. Glia can also be used to manage other SNMP manageable devices like pinpads, routers and other network equipment.

4. Project Management Services
Braintree has the people and partnerships with the right skills to get the essential components of a major project to the right location, at the right time, and at a competitive price. Our staff have a depth of experience gained in the defence forces, telcos and banks.

Our expertise in telecommunications data services and systems integration developed over 15 years takes the risk our of your deployment and migration projects.



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