Transaction switching systems must be reliable, scalable and secure. Braintree has developed a sophisticated application in the Braintree Transaction Switch, the Synapse, that has very simple interfaces to EFTPOS transactions, administration and data entry. The Synapse not only supports Internet and IVR, but also accepts Call Centre Help Desk enquiries. Braintree's Call Centre Client intuitively guides the operator through the processing of enquiries. The Synapse also simultaneously handles the non-EFTPOS component of the transaction for delivery to third party institutions.

Unlike other transaction switches, the Synapse not only supports charges and refunds but can handle reversals, rejections and cancellations of transactions. The Synapse has been certified to accept debit and credit transactions, plus off-line and on-line transactions depending on the financial institutions requirements.

Using full AS2805 (adaptable to APACS) encryption handling, the Synapse is a fully-fledged banking application also handling key rollovers and transport keys. All transactions are monitored for completion, and the service provider can view statistics gathered. Customers of the service provider's transaction system can view their own statistics without seeing statistics for any other customer. Customers can also update their configuration information.

Braintree's transaction switch system can operate at very high transaction rates, with high reliability, availability and maintainability. The Synapse comprises of a cluster of fast transaction servers each with an SQL database engine specifically configured to meet the duty requirements. The servers back each other up on a separate and dedicated LAN to provide thorough and efficient redundancy for billing information.

Key features and benefits:

1. Ultimate flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness

a. The Synapse is independent of infrastructure components, allowing you to achieve cost-effective customisation and avoid vendor lock-in.
b. The Synapse has been designed to support current as well as emerging technologies, such as loyalty programs, adding to the flexibility and adaptability of the switch.
c. A foundation for new service bundling opportunities.
d. An open platform allowing multiple integrated applications.
e. Designed to scale from the smallest environment to larger data centres.
f. Enjoy extended life from your legacy equipment through Braintree's intelligent protocol conversion technologies.
g. Seamless deployment to existing customers.

2. Superior level availability and data security

a. Load-sharing across multiple paths into the switch. In the case of a failure, devices in the field will automatically direct transactions to the remaining operational servers in the Synapse or store the data for future forwarding.
b. Transaction mirroring and off-site backups.
c. Full transaction audit trail.
d. Administration and support via secure Intranet.
e. Performance indicators, status of interfaces, reporting on current and past activity.
f. Real time transaction reporting.

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