Core Competencies

Braintree's core competencies is in providing end-to-end expertise in designing, manufacturing and managing OSI layer 1, 2 and 3 devices for short duration transaction networks. Our capabilities include areas such as:

Protocol Conversion using:
- Legacy protocols;
- Synchronous;
- Bisynchronous;
- Asynchronous;
- Bit based protocols;
- Wireless;
…. with software and hardware.

Short Duration Transactions using:
- Payment servers;
- Alarms, lotteries, EFT and POS;
- Telemetry, energy metering;
- Packet handling, gateways;
- ISDN, DSL, IP, Dial-up, Leased line.

Specialist Software for the:
- Banking and Finance industry;
- Airline industry;
- Defence communications industry.

Embedded Systems Hardware and Software including:
- Design, Implementation and Manufacture;
- Terminal Adaptors;
- Protocol Conversion Systems.


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