Airline and Travel Industry

Jetset, Australia's largest fully-integrated travel company, had excessive infrastructure and support costs related to its outdated reservations system. To communicate with its Central Reservation Services (CRSs), Amadeus, Sabre, and MasterCard, it used 80 archaic Unix-based terminals. These terminals not only presented a considerable maintenance headache, they also filled Jetset's entire communications room.

In the highly competitive travel industry, any solution that can reduce operational costs provides a considerable advantage, so Jetset looked for a way to update its system without massive infrastructure outlay.

Braintree was able to provide a reliable gateway that allowed Jetset to put all of its communications sessions onto one large Unix server. Braintree also provided the protocol conversions that allowed this single server to interface with the multitude of business sessions in a timely manner.

As a result, Jetset consolidated and linked the existing traffic between the various service providers without compromising service efficiency. Jetset were then able to get rid of all the old terminals. It was even able rent out its excess communications room space.

Some of the features and benefits of the solutions included:

- Huge support cost savings
- Reduced infrastructure costs
- Simpler processes lead to increased reliability of the system
- 24x7 client support
- Braintree's relationship with Jetset represents an ongoing business improvement process.



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