Banking Sector - PIN Pad Key Loading

Braintree was contracted by the ANZ Bank, representing Australia’s “big four” banks (ANZ, CBA, Westpac and NAB), to develop a system for the secure, auditable loading of PIN pad keys. These are the keys that provide the link and carry the transaction information between the PIN pad terminal and the bank host.

This solution presented a number of challenges, namely:

- It had to be thoroughly secure and auditable. Any compromise of the keys would present an unacceptable security and public relations problem.
- The keys had to be changed often, and this changeover has to be synchronized seamlessly.
- The records of the loading process had to be perfectly accurate. Any inaccuracies in the loading process had to trigger an alarm so that corrective action could be taken immediately.

Braintree developed the software that would allow the ANZ’s security team to verify the operation of these Security Control Modules (SCM’s). It was flexible enough to allow the addition of new, easily testable functions without costly and time-consuming recompiling.



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