Interactive Training and Examination Software

The Client

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is Australia's largest general practitioner organisation and clinical college.

The RACGP amongst other roles provides training and educational facilities and programs for General Practitioners (GP's).

The Problem

The RACGP Faculty in Adelaide invested considerable human resources in conducting, organising, marking and grading examinations of GP's. The RACGP wanted to reduce the overheads involved in providing examinations and training facilities/aids for the training and education for GP's. Previously, tests and examinations were performed on printed paper and logistically marking and grading these examination papers was expensive and time consuming.

The RACGP in Adelaide approached Braintree to design a cost-effective examination software program that would reduce the labour and time involved in conducting examinations.

The Solution

Braintree designed a cost-effective examination software package that automated the entire examination process.

Braintree's solution was an interactive graphical-based program that consisted of multiple choice questions. The questions, chosen by the examiner, were downloaded from a secure database to the terminal where the GP's were sitting the examination.

The examiner or system administrator had access to the encrypted file that contained the secure database and the automated marking and grading software. The system administrator also had access to the encrypted file that enabled editing of the exam paper so new questions could be formulated and added. For added security the file containing the marking software and the database of questions and answers were stored on the system administrator's terminal.

Once the GP completed the examination, the answers were saved so the system administrator could run the marking and grading program. This automatically marked and graded the paper in a timely manner.

The solution Braintree designed and developed for the RACGP met the requirements for reduced costs, resources, and time delays in managing the entire examination process.

The Benefits

There were several benefits to the Braintree solution that include:

- Automated examination process, reducing resource requirements;
- Reduced costs incurred by conducting the examination process;
- Examination results and grades generated in a timely manner;
- Software was easy to use and manage;
- Graphical interactive examination interface; and
- A secure examination process.


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