Financial Transactions

CASHCARD Australia's entry into the Bpay transaction network required a fast and effective back-end development. This development had to accommodate the entire transaction process from receiving the bill and processing payment details with the bank, to orchestrating and confirming payment to the bill issuer. To add to the complexity, these functions all had to be processed concurrently.

The usual solution for this process would be to move the entire service onto a "Tandem Host", but this would have proved prohibitively expensive and have involved a much longer development time.

Braintree was able to provide an alternative solution. Using a Unix-based host, Braintree designed a system that could handle internet transactions as well as those over an Interactive Voice Response system. These transaction files would then be processed through Opticard (the Australian Bpay clearing house), and the EFT component through the banks.

Braintree also developed help desk operator terminals called Customer Service Response Terminals specifically for CASHCARD.

Features of the CASHCARD solution include:

- High Reliability
- Rapid Development
- Instantaneous EFT Transaction Authorisation and processing
- Designed for multiple Institutions to log-in to the Bpay system
- Capability to handle large transaction volume
- Ease of Management, and,
- Provision for subsets of the functions to be managed by the institution

This solution is adaptable to suit a wide range of Bpay-style transaction services.


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