Winzip User Guide Download Directions

To download the WinZip User Guide files, follow the steps outlined below. You may want to print this page to use these instructions as you download the WinZip file.

Most PCs have a decompression software package installed (e.g. WinZip) that enables you to extract and view a zip file. You will need a decompression software package to download and view the AETA User Guide zip file.

1. Click the link to download the User Guide zip file you require.

2. A dialogue box should appear asking you to open or save the file to your computer. Click the 'Save' button and select a folder on your PC you wish to download the user guide file to and click 'Save'. After clicking 'Save' the download process will begin. Download speeds may vary depending on your internet connection.

3. After the download has completed, locate the zip file you just downloaded. Double click to open the zip file.

4. If using WinZip - a dialogue box should appear. Click the ‘I Agree’ button in the dialogue box.

5. A second WinZip dialogue box should appear. Select all the files in the dialogue box (Ctrl A) and click the ‘Extract’ button.

6. An extract dialogue box should appear asking you to extract the files to a folder on your computer. Select a folder on your PC you wish to extract all the files to.

7. After the extraction has completed, close the win zip dialogue box.

8. Locate the folder you have just extracted the user guide files to. Open the default.html file in that folder by double clicking on that file. This will open the User Guide in your Internet Browser. You can now navigate your way through the User Guide.

Please Note: You do not have to be connected to the Internet after you have downloaded the User Guide. The file, after being downloaded, is located locally on your PC and you can run the User Guide in your Internet browser without being connected to the Internet.


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