Key Features and Benefits
    Migration of existing dial POS equipment to high-speed broadband or wireless networks.

Faster transaction speeds through transaction prioritisation.

No system changes required, Axon connects to existing EFTPOS equipment.

Service providers gain access to increased customer retention through service bundling opportunities.

Braintree's range of Axon dial solutions, provides merchants with lower transaction volumes with a very fast, integrated EFTPOS solution. Braintree's Axon allows dial-up EFTPOS devices and Automatic Teller Machine's to access secure private IP networks.

What makes the Axon gateways unique is Braintree's protocol conversion technology, which enables customers on dial POS systems to connect their existing EFTPOS equipment to IP networks with no system changes required.

Braintree's Axon dial gateways provide fully managed or unmanaged variants depending on your requirements. The managed variant incorporates remote management features, which allows simple deployment of new networks, remote configurations and software upgrades through our Network Management System.

Service providers can offer a complete business IP service by adding EFTPOS connectivity to the service offering, creating a "sticky" customer.

Braintree's Axon dial gateways allows merchants to integrate their entire data communications onto an IP network reducing overall Telco data charges and freeing up the PSTN line for telephony applications.

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