Key Features and Benefits
    Migration of existing leased line EFTPOS equipment to faster digital or wireless networks.

Fast call set-up and transaction speeds.

No system changes required, Axon connects to existing EFTPOS equipment.

Service providers gain access to increased customer retention through service bundling opportunities.

Reduced network management and operational costs through remote management.


Braintree's range of Axon leased line gateways are an always-on EFTPOS solution for merchants with high transaction volumes who want to convert from a fixed line to a faster digital or wireless point-of-sale solution.

The Axon leased line solution is always on, no waiting for call setup and transaction times are fast. This means less waiting in line for your customers allowing the merchant to delivering a higher quality of service.

Braintree's Axon leased line gateways are a fully managed solution incorporating remote management features, which allows simple deployment of new networks, remote configurations and software upgrades through our Network Management System.

What makes the leased line Axon Series unique is Braintree's protocol conversion technology, which enables customers on older EFTPOS systems to connect their existing equipment to a wireless or digital network with no infrastructure changes.

Braintree has developed an ISDN Network Gateway specifically for Telstra Corporation's digital EFTPOS network, Argent. Braintree designed two versions of the Network Gateway known as the Argent Enhanced Terminal Adaptor. User documentation on the AETA can be found under our downloads section.

Axon - G4020 (GPRS) Brochure |

AETA (Digital)
AETA (Analogue)



GPRS Antenna




Remote Management





PSTN (Backup)



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