10 Jul Braintree Offers Managed Telco Services to Banks - Large Opportunity in Digital Data Service (DDS) Replacement
8 Jun Suncorp Lowers the Cost of ATM Transactions Using Braintree's GPRS Router
30 Jun Queensland Company Finds New Applications for GPRS Router
06 Oct Braintree CEO passes reigns back to founder
24 Sep IP-based payment systems already a reality
22 Sep Braintree wins at global awards
16 Sep Braintree irons out creases in wireless waves
03 Sep Wireless EFTPOS converter unveiled
22 Jul Braintree researches using PTT technology for data 
17 Jun Braintree awarded $1.7 million to commercialise Axon technology
13 May Braintree expands operations to match global technology demand
30 Apr Braintree helps retail merchants overcome line rental increases
23 Apr Braintree to showcase wireless ATM and EFTPOS connectivity
27 Feb Cashcard trials wireless ATM using Braintree's Axon terminal adapter
22 Jan Wireless EFTPOS proves killer application for GPRS
07 Jan Braintree Launches New Website
16 Oct Braintree appoints Marketing Manager to concentrate on Telstra Solutions
08 Oct Braintree appoints Marketing Manager to capitalise on new market opportunities
11 Sept Braintree appoints Chief Financial Officer
04 Sep Braintree technology helps Telstra deliver integrated customer solutions
11 Jul Braintree expands to accommodate technology demand
11 Jun Braintree appoints Non-Executive Director
27 Mar Braintree technology drives service bundling opportunities for Telstra
07 Feb Braintree invited to showcase unique technology in Europe
14 No Braintree recognised for ICT excellence
23 Sep British Government invites Queensland company to tour UK
28 Aug Braintree’s world-first technology to exploit export opportunities
08 Aug Braintree appoints new Non-Executive Director
17 Jul Peter Hall appointed CEO of Braintree Communications
15 Jul Braintree elects Chairman to help drive growth plans
01 Mar Braintree presents solution for global IP problem at WCIT
12 Feb Defence recognises Braintree’s communications expertise
09 Jan Award winning Braintree wins again
13 Dec Braintree receives grant to develop world-first technology
03 Dec Braintree hopes to make it two from two
27 Nov Australian IT Company taking on global competitors in their own backyards
19 Nov Award winning Company launches unique terminal server products
18 Oct Braintree wins national IT awards
01 Oct Defence moves to integrate communications network
24 Sep Local company set to expand into Asian markets
20 Sep Australian company seeks to revolutionise UK communications
02 Aug Braintree’s expansion requires more room
20 Jul Small Queensland communications company going global
06 Jul Braintree showcases integrated retail solution
28 Jun Air Vanuatu seeks Brisbane company's expertise
08 Apr Braintree's Decade

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